EGI creates new ideas, frameworks, tools, programs and knowledge standards that make managing educational institutions and regulating education more effective. EGI’s primary mandate is to engage in research to explore ways to enrich the education management competence of edupreneurs, senior academics, policymakers, senior executives & heads of schools and universities as well as other higher education and vocational training institutions. The second EGI mandate is to model excellence, rating and ranking frameworks used in the education industry to rank institutions, courses, programs, and teaching quality, among other aspects related to the delivery and management of education. Finally, EGI’s executive education teams research and design programs that develop higher-order skills in senior professionals who lead the academic institutions or contribute to the regulation of education quality and delivery. Through its research-backed, design-thought and collaboratively developed executive education programs, EGI seeks to help education organizations succeed in a complex and volatile environment where access to quality education in most parts of the world presents both opportunities and challenges to education leaders.


EGI specializes in advanced executive education for leaders and senior professionals associated with educational institutions and regulatory bodies.


Not all programs and institutions are alike. EGI researches and develops customized knowledge, competence, processes and system standards for large public and private schools, universities and professional educational institutions.

  • K12 Institutional Leadership
  • Higher Education Leadership
  • K12 Education
    Quality Management
  • Higher Education Quality Management


Edvantic education rating solutions are essentially for education-research and regulating bodies and education publications that feature reports, rankings and ratings related to popularity, quality, perception and performance of educational institutions nationally and internationally. They can also be used by public education systems to monitor quality of education delivery and impact. These solutions deploy rigorous evaluation, measurement, rating and ranking models developed by Edvantic Global Institute.

Knowledge and skills have become increasingly critical for the success of corporations and the economic wellbeing of nations in the 21st century. Monitoring, assessing and measuring education delivery quality in educational institutions, therefore, is now an important function in all national education regulatory bodies, quality assurance agencies, educational research organizations, and other international education promotion bodies.

EGI models quality rating and ranking frameworks that are deployed in the education industry nationally and globally to assess, compare and benchmark a wide range of drivers defining the quality and effectiveness of education delivered in K12 schools, universities, business schools and other professional/ vocational institutions. EGI custom-develops models that can help rank K12 schools, universities, business schools, academic programs, institutional campuses and teaching and instructional infrastructure.

EGI Rating & Ranking Solutions

  • Institution Ratings (For internal use of large institutions, government education agencies or school chains)
  • System Ratings (For the entire spectrum of education stakeholders including educators and education regulators)
  • Impact Ratings (For the entire spectrum of education stakeholders including educators and education regulators)
  • Delight Ratings (Student satisfaction ratings for public and private educational institutions)

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Governments and regulators have their own roles to play in making high-quality education accessible to people. At EGI, we primarily look at strengthening institutions and schools in their strategies, leadership, systems and processes of achieving delivery excellence. Collaboration is central to the EGI model as the size of its mandate clearly indicates. We work with business schools, universities, government education regulatory and quality assurance bodies, publications, rating agencies, education researchers and education thinktanks. Partnering with EGI implies building powerful, real–time connections with the state-of-the-art Education Management thought and practice worldwide. You will benefit through world-class Education Management frameworks, programs and knowledge networks.

We will be very happy to hear from Governments, Associations, Universities and Schools interested in working with us.

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For Government Stakeholders
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